The Vinyl Box Set: Volume three

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Def Leppard beehren uns mit dem limitierten und umfangreichen Package "The Vinyl Box Set: Volumte three".


LP1 (X) - Side A

You're So Beautiful
Long Long Way to Go
Four Letter Word
Torn to Shreds

LP1 (X) - Side B

Love Don't Lie
Girl Like You
Let Me Be the One

LP2 (Yeah) - Side A

20th Century Boy
Rock On
Hanging on The Telephone
Waterloo Sunset

LP2 (Yeah) - Side B

Hell Raiser
10538 Overture
Street Life
Drive-In Saturday

LP3 (Yeah) - Side C

Little Bit of Love
The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll
No Matter What

LP3 (Yeah) - Side D

He's Gonna Step on You Again
Don't Believe A Word
Stay with Me

LP4 (Songs From The Sparkle Lounge) - Side A

Nine Lives
C'mon C'mon

LP4 (Songs From The Sparkle Lounge) - Side B

Cruise Control
Only the Good Die Young
Bad Actress
Come Undone
Gotta Let It Go

LP5 (B-Sides) - Side A

Now (Radio Edit) (B-Side - Now)
Long Long Way to Go (Radio Edit) (B-Side - Long Way to Go)
Kiss the Day (X – Japanese Bonus Track)

LP5 (B-Sides) - Side B

10 X Bigger Than Love (B-Side - Long Way to Go)
Love Don't Lie (Demo) (B-Side – Now)
Let Me Be the One (Demo) (B-Side - Now)

LP6 (B-Sides) - Side C

Gimme A Job (B-Side - Long Way to Go)
Now (Acoustic Version) (B-Side - Long Way to Go)
Long Long Way to Go (Stripped Version) (X Bonus Track)

LP6 (B-Sides) - Side D

Nine Lives (Joe Only Version) (Sparkle Lounge Japan Bonus)
Perfect Girl (Demo)
Love (Piano Version) (Sparkle Lounge Japan Bonus)

LP7 (Yeah! Studio Covers) - Side A

Only After Dark (B-Side - Let’s Get Rocked)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (B-Side Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad)
Little Wing (B-Side Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad)
Ziggy Stardust (B-Side Slang)

LP7 (Yeah! Studio Covers) - Side B

Under My Wheels (B-Side Goodbye)
Who Do You Love? (B-Side Goodbye)
Rebel Rebel (B-Side Now)
Led Boots (B-Side All I Want)
Cause We Ended as Lovers (B-Side All I Want)

LP8 (Yeah! Studio Covers) - Side C

Search and Destroy (YEAH! 2)
How Does It Feel (Yeah! (iTunes exclusive)
Roxanne (Phil's Demo)
Dear Friends (YEAH! 2)
Winter Song (YEAH! 2)

LP8 (Yeah! Studio Covers) - Side D

American Girl (YEAH! 2)
Heartbeat (YEAH! 2)
Space Oddity (YEAH! 2)
When I'm Dead and Gone (YEAH! 2)
Stay with Me (B-Side Now)

LP9 (Yeah! Live) - Side A

Elected (B-Side Heaven Is)
Action (Yeah!)
No Matter What (YEAH! 2)
Rock On (Yeah!)

LP9 (Yeah! Live) - Side B

Travellin' Band (Radio Edit) (Pyromania Bonus Disc)
Now I'm Here (A Tribute to Freddie Mercury)
20th Century Boy (VH1 Rock Honours)
All the Young Dudes (Once Bitten Twice Shy)


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Musikgenre Melodic Rock
Medienformat 9-LP
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Band Def Leppard
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Erscheinungsdatum 11.06.2021
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