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Artikelnummer: 540582
Farbe farbig
Musikgenre Soundtrack
Medienformat 2-LP
Produktthema Bands, Filme
Entertainment License The Retaliators
Produkt-Typ LP
Erscheinungsdatum 02.06.2023
Gender Unisex
1. “Sometimes if you’re lucky …it’s better to keep evil alive” 2. Papa Roach - The Ending (3:29) 3. “We have to get out of here … those aren’t zombies…” 4. The HU - This Is Mongol (3:45) 5. Eva Under Fire - Blow (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) (2:45) 6. From Ashes To New - Scars That I'm Hiding (feat. Anders Fridén of In Flames) (2:55) 7. "Tell me you have a lead or something …” 8. Asking Alexandria - Faded Out (feat. Within Temptation) (3:06) 9. Tommy Lee - Tops (feat. Push Push) (2:27) 10. Classless Act - Classless Act (feat. Vince Neil of Motley Crue) (3:16) 11. “I had a nightmare … where are you going?” 12. Five Finger Death Punch - Darkness Settles In (4:41) 13. NOTHING MORE - TIRED OF WINNING / SHIPS IN THE NIGHT (5:39) 14. Crossbone Skully - Evil World Machine (4:48) 15. “How’d you like your one minute … In the police station…” 16. The HU – Wolf Totem (feat. Jacoby Shaddix) (5:17) 17. Bad Wolves - If Tomorrow Never Comes (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) (3:09) 18. Cory Marks - Burn It Up (3:26) 19. Tempt - Living Dangerous (feat. Dorothy) (3:58) 20. "C'mon, pussycat. Let me hear you purr." 21. Hyro The Hero - Who’s That Playing on Your Radio? (feat. Mick Mars and Danny Worsnop) (3:29) 22. Cory Marks - Blame it on the Double (feat. Tyler Connolly and Jason Hook) (3:17) 23. "10 years ago I made alone time ... Time for you to heal." 24. All Good Things - For The Glory (feat. Hollywood Undead) (4:41) 25. “No cameras … Only complicit men take secrets to the grave” 26. The Retaliators Theme (21 Bullets) (4:04)

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